Company Organisation

The Multiple Intelligence Hub (MIH) is a Community Interest Company, founded by Donna McLean and run by coordinators with expertise in Special Educational Needs and Land Based Activities.  Being a Social Enterprise allows us to provide benefit to the Local Community, offering a clear commitment to communal cause.  All funds made by MIH are used for the benefits of the Company's Social Objectives.

MIH now hosts an advisory Board, who are here to ensure multiplicity in all overall decisions and ongoing improvement in all areas, especially the development of our students and growth of future projects.

All MIH Staff and Associates are highly qualified, trained and skilled in Special Educational needs and it's delivery, as well as vastly experienced in working with children and young people with additional needs.  Each member of our Team offers different areas of expertise allowing for a variety of skills being incorporated into our learning experiences and work activities.  Our range of skills include Childcare & Education, Special Needs, Land Based Activities, Forestry Schooling, Animal Behaviour and Training, Construction, Mechanics & Engineering, Train the trainer and Instructor Skills, Art & Design, Speech & Language Support, Deaf Studies (inc British Sign Language) and Inclusion.  MIH offers a natural approach to learning; understanding that young people with different disabilities learn much better through practical, hands-on learning.  We all share a passion in supporting the growth and future development of each individual child or young person



Multiple Intelligence Hub