Meet the MIH Team:

The Multiple Intelligence Hub aims to offer a variety of well-being experiences and opportunities that are individual.  We can only do this with the help of our friends and the expertise of our growing Team! Here you can meet our Staff, Volunteers and relationships formed so far during the development of MIH and who have and will be supporting us in our future projects;

Donna McLean - Company Director & Project Manager (Advisory Board Member)

Donna is the founder of The Multiple Intelligence Hub and responsible for the set up and day to day running of the Project.  Donna has over 10 years experience in Business Management and Administration, as well as over 5 years experience in Custodial Care, managing Challenging Behaviour and SEND.  Skills and Qualifications include; Business Administration, Childcare and Education, Speech & Language Support for vulnerable people, Working with Autism, Emergency First Aid, Safeguarding Officer, Food Safety and Law.  Donna has many future aspirations for the growth of the MIH Project.  

Amy Paterson - Communication and Inclusion Lead 

Amy is a creative and confident member of the team, offering a wide range of skills and experience. Having a background in Speech & Language Therapy and working with severe and profound learning difficulties, Amy is able to incorporate her various methods of communication, into her delivery of our Programmes and Interventions.  Amy's qualifications include, Forestry School Practitioner, Deaf Studies (with British Sign Language), Special Needs and Inclusion Studies, Art & Design and offers further skills in Archery, Playing the Drums, Drama and singing.  

Lorraine Godfrey (CAB) – Certified Animal Behaviourist (Advisory Board Member)

Lorraine has made it possible for MIH to offer unique experiences in Animal Care, being the owner of Eadie our very own disabled reading buddy dog and other animal friends.   MIH offer care opportunities for many other animals, all of which are overseen by Lorraine our qualified Animal Behaviourist. Lorraine hosts a number of expertise, such as CAB, Adib CBM Distinction, Member if the International Companion Animal Network, Pet Professional Guild and Member/Chair to International Society of Animal Professionals.  Lorraines knowledge is used in the training of our Staff and is transformed into suitable learning experiences for our Assisted Animal Activities and Animal Care Programmes.

Mick Godfrey (Nexcraft Ltd) – Woodworking skills and site management (Advisory Board Member)

Mick is the Landlord of Black Horse Farm (MIH’s premises) and founder of Nexcraft Limited a Boat Building and Interior Kit company.  Nexcraft have been the provider of materials and the building team behind MIH’s conversion process so far and will be for many future projects, such as further conversion of existing outbuildings into additional learning hubs.  Mick's qualifications include Joinery and Engineering and his knowledge is shared with staff supporting in-house training and overseeing our Woodwork and Construction Projects. 

Yazmin Godfrey - Website Design and Management

Yazzii is a valued member of the MIH team and is responsible for behind the scenes hard work that is The Multiple Intelligence Hub website.  Yazzii has kindly volunteered her knowledgeable web design services and helped in transforming Donna’s vision and literature content into an amazing website design for all our service users to browse and keep up with what services are on offer. With ongoing support in it’s updating and management.

Alison Shaw - Advisory Board Member

Alison offers experience and qualifications to include a Diploma in Education and Training, Understanding Autism, Principles of Teaching & Training and Advanced Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory, to mention a few. With Alison's Skills and Competencies, she is a valued member of MIH's Advisory Board, being able to incorporate her knowledge and skills into ongoing support for the growth of our current and future projects.  

Wayne Dawes 

Wayne volunteered his services to MIH by mucking in and assisting in conversion of the ‘Old Mobile Home’ into a safe and inviting area for participants to now learn and retreat to after being involved in our activities, as well as now further conversion on outbuildings.  Wayne also offers expertise in Food Hygiene and Catering and supports MIH in their kitchen management, food wise programmes and catering for special events.

Maria Giles - Animal & Outdoor Housekeeper

Maria is very much an animal lover and enjoys the natural therapeutic atmosphere that is our outdoor setting.  Maria very kindly volunteers in housekeeping our ever growing Animal Area and surrounding Gardens and is behind the hard work involved in ensuring our animals become and remain friendly with our guests, feeding and mucking out outside our scheduled programmes and the up keep of the also ever growing grass!! 

Kieran McLean (Advisory Board Member) and Alexa – Amazing loving support and backbone!

Kieran and Alexa, as you’ve probably guessed are a huge part of the MIH Family Support and as described above have been the force behind the vision and dreams in setting up MIH.  Donna's Husband Kieran offering not only physical help in mucking in with conversion works but emotional support when the process has become tough. Alexa is the loving autistic daughter of Donna and the inspiration behind alternative learning - a very keen young lady hoping to achieve in many opportunities and Donna's partner in crime.

MIH Animal Friends

MIH already hosts a number of Animal Friends, all of which are a valuable part of the Team.  Eadie is MIH's disabled Therapy Dog who was rescued from a very unpleasant home life, where she was unfortunately abused and tragically run over by a car, resulting in the loss of her back leg.  Eadie now enjoys a perfectly normal and happy life with Lorraine and her many other animal friends. Eadie joins MIH on their AAA Interventions, taking our participants for peaceful walks in the woods and then rests up with them for a treat and an opportunity for them to share their stories with her  as their ‘reading buddy’.  Others include; Cinnamon and Biscuit (Goats), Snap & Crackle (Chinchillas), Cookies & Cream (Rabbits) and Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup (Guinea Pigs).  Soon to join us are two Tea Cup Pigs and a Tortoise! 

Thank you to you all and our many other supporters of MIH by way of service users, followers on social media and donators, for all of your ongoing help and support.

Multiple Intelligence Hub

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