Our Reaching Out service support Schools, Academies, Colleges and other educational provisions offering them a variety of structured; Well-being Intervention Programmes, Therapy Opportunities and Experience Days; 


We assist in the progress of our learners, helping with their social, emotional and communication development, as well as their integration and transition requirements by offering individualised Outreach and Well-being Intervention Programmes.  We have dedicated Leaders and Sessional Tutors who are experienced in providing alternative delivery of effective experiences and whose priority is to develop a close working relationship with their learners.

Our Well-being programmes are designed to be low key and non-pressurised, whilst still educational, with an aim to assist in the progress of the young person’s social development and life skills.  They are designed with a bespoke approach and a flexible outlook to each young person’s individual needs. 


Our programmes offer a holistic learning approach, allowing a relaxed low pressured environment, but carefully structured to ensure stability and routine throughout the day.  

Although some young people accessing the project would be doing so as an outreach service and for re-engagement in education or social environments, others may wish to develop their skills with our fun experiences, gain life or employability skills, or even qualifications.  MIH are working towards being an approved Centre for further and alternative qualifications for a variety of their programmes.

Our programmes are bespoke to requirements. We aim to deliver based on individual circumstances and therefore we carry  out an initial assessment to ensure the right approach is taken going forward, allowing a step by step transition and to gain full understanding of need requirements. 

A large amount of the facilities are based on a natural learning approach.  See below for the variety of areas we cover; 

Reaching Out

Independent Living Skills

We realise how important it is for young people to gain independent living skills to reduce their reliability on others, gain their own independence and build their confidence and self-esteem.  It is our aim therefore to offer guidance in life skills.


We also recognise that fine motor skills and precision activities are not always focused on, we therefore can offer fun and alternative methods to learning those everyday daunting tasks that a child or young adult may not have or had access to growing up.

Independent Living Skill tasks would include; Domestic Jobs, Money Management & Social Skills. Gardening; Precision / Fine Motor Skills, Cooking and being Food Wise


Multiple Intelligence Hub