The outdoor space, existing buildings and woodland areas are now used to accommodate our growing provision. Many changes have been made so far, including adaptation to the mobile home and outbuildings for the purpose of potential projects and their ongoing progression.


Rooms within the mobile home are now available as a learning room, a communal retreat area and a sensory room.  The bathroom offering extended wash and toilet facilities and the kitchen area improved and more adequate for our Cookery programmes.  


One of stables remains for the use of small animal care and others converted into an Art & Craft hub, Well-being Hub, with the remaining stables undergoing conversion into a Mechanics/Wood Workshop and a Garden Learning room.


The equestrian menage remains as a large outdoor physical activity space, allowing for ball games and a playground area.  


The gravel parking area has been extended and improved for staff parking area and the overall layout suitably fenced and segregated for safety and security.


The vast land and woodland areas house our many outdoor activities, still allowing for ongoing additional programmes and improvement projects.


Multiple Intelligence Hub

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