Thanks so much for all the photos and updates about what N has been doing. 

I'm so impressed with all the work you have been doing with her. I think we were very lucky to find you.

Anne (Parent)

“My daughter recently had three days at the multiple intelligence hub over the Easter holidays.  I was immediately impressed with the very detailed visual timetable that was sent through before hand of each day, which my daughter loved to prepare herself for the days. 

She absolutely loved her time there and was very excited each day to be going back. They had a varied range of activities with each day having a different theme such as animal therapy day, arts and craft and fun day. She made cupcakes, Easter cards and also came home for a real passion for finding bugs in our garden as they had made a bug hotel at the club. 


Really pleased I’ve found such a lovely respite place that my daughter thoroughly enjoys. They have many plans for the future and when it’s all complete it will be even better”.  Julie (Parent)

“K told me that he really enjoyed it and had a lovely time.  He kept telling me that he loves it and that it was really good...he did lots.  He didn’t stop talking for an hour then fell asleep! K was worn out for the first time in a long time”! Jade (Parent)

"I cannot honestly recommend this place enough, the help and support for my daughter has been amazing, you can see such a difference in her". Lisa (Parent)


“This will be an amazing opportunity for youths.  I wish them all the success with this new venture, so well deserved.  They are a dedicated team striving to assist and help young people experiencing difficulties who need somewhere to grow and learn in a friendly, fun and amazing environment.  Well done guys”!! Lorraine Godfrey (CAB)

“A great opportunity for many” Christine (A supporter of MIH)

“The intelligence hub will be fantastic for each individual to have kind support to reach their goals and enjoy all the fun while learning new skills with trusting staff” Margaret (A supporter of MIH)

"This is just an amazing place for children of mixed abilities to attend.  So many fun activities and excellent experiences for the children.  Donna is very experienced and dedicated to ensuring that all children’s needs are catered for and met" Hayley Hardy (Little Daydreams)


Multiple Intelligence Hub